Our Clients
SDIC works with for-profit and non-profit companies and governments that are interested in being greener. We assist our clients with identifying and documenting what they have already done to improve their environmental performance. Then, we help them establish and acheive their sustainability-related goals.

In our research, we have identified five different reasons why companies become greener.

1. Environmental values and/or concerns
2. Government regulation
3. Economic opportunities and disincentives
4. Organizaitonal crises
5. Stakeholder pressure
SDIC offers a number of services, including:
SDIC has developed a comprehensive suite of green business tools to help you green your company's mission, staff, operations, facilities and sites, and products and services. These include principles that can help guide sustainability efforts, methods for assessing and improving a clients' environmental performance, a sustainability reporting tool, and information about certification programs for companies interested in gaining a green credential.
What We Offer
Executive Coaching
Staff Training
Green Team Development
Staff Surveys
Industry Research
Consultant Coordination
Stakeholder Workshops
Sustainability-related Retreats
Goal Setting & Strategic Planning
Sustainable Development
International Corp.
Sustainable Development
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