Your "Go-TO" for Green

Environmental Reporting

Managing Due Diligence

While we are happy to do Phase I environmental assessments, we also review your environmental consultants' reports. We review their property condition reports and Phase I environmental site assessments to ensure that they comply with ASTM standards and any additional client requirements. In addition, we do staged due diligence evaluations for financial institutions that are based on the property risk.

Renewable Energy & Efficiency


We develop, permit, and manage commercial-scale renewable energy projects, including photovoltaics and wind. We also provide big energy data services, collecting and analyzing enormous quantities of data regarding your manufacturing and industrial energy use. We provide significant energy savings through our big data-based energy optimization program and unique, blue-chip, vision-friendly LED lighting.

Tax & Financial Incentives

Helping fund green projects

We identify tax incentives for your green projects and look for additional financial incentives if required.

Environmental Testing

Ensuring Compliance

Our partner companies provide comprehensive environmental testing services of soil, water, and both indoor and outdoor air.

Environmental Research

Providing Environmental Data

We conduct in-depth academic and market research on sustainability and the environment, providing useful information on a broad array of issues.

Environmental Regulations

Information on Established Environmental Policy

We provide our clients on information regarding existing environmental policies and laws so that they better understand the regulatory field.

Providing Extreme Granularity

Big Data

If you need massive quantities of data for a high level of granularity, we can help. We collect, analyze, and provide near real-time reporting on anything that can be measured. Our big data work ranges from measuring temperature, relative humidity, and VOC output to plant growth rates, leaf wetness, greenhouse gas emissions, shipping traffic, water use, and the amount of energy and cost per unit produced. If it can be measured, we can provide and analyze the big data.

Sustainability Integration

Ensuring Sustainability Throughout

SDIC will work with your company through any and all stages of greening. We can assess your company's mission, staff, operations, facilities and sites, and products and services. We can also identify how your company can become more ecologically regenerative through our Business Ecology program.