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Sustainable Development
International Corp.
SDIC will work with your company through any and all stages of greening. Depending on your company's needs, we can employ several steps.
Our Process
Identifying Areas for Improvement

We work with various individuals, your green team, and/or departments, as needed, to identify areas for improving your company's environmental performance. This is documented and provided to you in report format.
Familiarizing Ourselves with Your Company

During our initial meetings, we will do a preliminary assessment of your company's mission, staff, operations, facilities and sites, and products and services. We will also learn about your interest in sustainability and how far you wish to go.
Developing a Baseline Report

As we study your company, we will learn - and document - the various activities that it has undertaken to improve its environmental performance. We use that report to identify what you have done as well as additional opportunities toward sustainability.
Setting Goals

We work with your company to establish its sustainability goals, timeline, and responsibilities.
Establishing an Implementation Plan

We help your company establish a plan for implementing its sustainability-related goals.
Identity & Branding

Now that your company has undertaken actions to improve its environmental performance, it is important to reassess your company's identity and identify opportunities for greener branding. Companies that jump the gun and promote themselves as green before they are can be labeled as "greenwashing," or falsely making green claims. We can help you navigate this terrain while ensuring that your company meets stakeholder expectations.

We and our partners will work with your company to implement its green goals and track progress.
Continuous Improvement

We and our partners can let you know if your company is on track to continuously improve its environmental performance.